I’m starting a nonprofit…do I need nonprofit insurance?

Is nonprofit insurance a necessity? This is a question I WISH more founders asked me! (more…)

Can a Founder of a Nonprofit Make a Salary?

When I meet with folks who are planning to start a nonprofit, there are a couple of questions I almost always get. And, unsurprisingly, this is one of them. "If I become a nonprofit founder,...

Starting a Nonprofit Organization: Asking the Right Questions

If you're interested in starting a nonprofit organization, I'm sure you've searched on Google to figure out how to get started. Maybe you've even sought out a local food shelf or animal shelter and asked...

Top Tip: Successful Nonprofit Fundraising

Nonprofit founders, do you know where your money is going to come from? Hint - it's not going to show up out of thin air. Lots of founders assume they can figure out the money...

Nonprofit Liability: Even Brad Pitt’s Nonprofit Can Get Sued

Lots of founders assume there's NO such thing as nonprofit liability. But that's a MYTH! Nonprofits, just like any other company, are liable if they do harm to the people they serve. Just because you're...

Start a Nonprofit: Will it Make You Money?

Did you start a nonprofit to make money for yourself? If starting a nonprofit to make money is one of the biggest priorities for you, it might be time to rethink your plan. If this...

Who Owns a Nonprofit?

There are all different kinds of people who start nonprofit organizations, but they all have one thing in common: they have a a strong vision. They have this idea, and they can see so clearly...

How Do You Change Your Nonprofit Name With the IRS?

Recently I had a colleague who shared that her organization had decided to change its name for from Nonprofit ABC to Nonprofit XYZ. (more…)

Does Your Nonprofit Qualify for the Emergency SBA Grant?

One thing people are asking is whether THEIR nonprofit or business qualifies for this emergency SBA grant and EIDL loan. (more…)

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Birken Law Office – Law firm serving nonprofits organizations, and foundations – Birken Law

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