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A nonprofit podcast to educate and entertain growing nonprofits.

Because being a nonprofit is hard.

Even if we make it look easy.

Survey Says…
There are several different topics in the nonprofit sector that can reliably kick up some drama, and today we’re talking about a big one –...
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Let’s Get Existential
Shutting down a nonprofit organization is a whole messy process – from the legal requirements to the emotional impact, there’s a lot to consider. Meghan...
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Screaming into the Void
Social media for nonprofits – is it a huge opportunity, or just another task to add to your growing to-do list? I invited nonprofit social...
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Welcome to Survivor Island
If your nonprofit has voting members, that means your members have REAL LEGAL standing and rights. So, what happens when things go sideways with a...
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There Definitely Won’t Be Bears
Nonprofit Fundraising – every nonprofit needs to do it, but not everyone knows how to do it. That’s why Simon Scriver from Fundraising Everywhere and...
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nonprofit culture burnout
Lots of people assume that because nonprofits do good work, they must be a GREAT place to work. But here’s the thing – the nonprofit...
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The Dark Side of Donations
We’re all focused on the goals and dollars when it comes to fundraising, but what about the paperwork? That’s why I invited Warren Harmon from...
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Ernest Goes to the IRS!
Let’s be real – the IRS basically has its own language. I mean, even attorneys and CPAs find it confusing! Eve Borenstein, my hero and...
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April Showers bring May 990s
It’s April and we’re in the thick of another 990 filing season – meaning the IRS wants to know how you’re spending your funds! We’re...
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