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A nonprofit podcast to educate and entertain growing nonprofits.

Because being a nonprofit is hard.

Even if we make it look easy.

Eating Your Own Dog Food & Other Idioms
I think most of us can agree (hopefully) that communication solves most problems. Right? Whether you’re a new or a seasoned Executive Director, communication with...
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The Road to Fundraising Hell
Charity fundraising with your employees can be great, but boy oh boy, it can also go VERY wrong. My Twitter buddy Clay Buck from TCB...
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It’s an Ephraim-A-Thon!
Anyone who has been a part of fundraising for Nonprofits knows it’s all about building relationships – not just the all-mighty dollar. That’s why I...
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This Ain’t Prom!
Anyone who deals with nonprofit fundraising has probably been to WAY too many galas and golf tournaments. That’s why I invited Alicia Baraga from Ripple...
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Nonprofit Time Machine
We loved our last episode with Amy Arcand from Willow Consulting so much, we asked her to come back! Problems with nonprofits happen. When nonprofits...
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Bitcoin for Nonprofits!
Everyone has that one person in their life who just keeps talking about cryptocurrency, right? But it’s not just for the tech and finance people...
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Magical Consulting Dust
What’s the secret to successful nonprofit fundraising? According to my guest Clay Buck of TCB Fundraising, it’s ALL about data and systems. You can’t know...
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  We’re entering 2022 and closing in on two full years of our pandemic reality – meaning that nonprofits are still making big decisions about...
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You Catch My Drift? Changes in Nonprofit Organizations
Nonprofit organizations are not static, stagnant organizations. They grow and change over time (and that's usually a good thing!). What happens when you grow a...
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