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A nonprofit podcast to educate and entertain growing nonprofits.

Because being a nonprofit is hard.

Even if we make it look easy.

nonprofit arts organization
There's a large and thriving part of the nonprofit sector made up of nonprofit arts organizations – but not every arts organization can or should...
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nonprofit organization podcast
As the world slowly (or quickly) re-opens this summer, tons of nonprofits are left wondering what their post-pandemic offices and operations will look like. That’s...
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nonprofit marketing with ephraim gopin
Ephraim Gopin of 1832 Communications is a nonprofit marketing whiz! He joined me in this episode to answer our listeners' burning nonprofit marketing questions and...
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nonprofit mission statement guides the nonprofit
Lots of nonprofits had to change up their operations in the past year – but how do you know what changes to make? My guest...
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the gates foundation what happens now
  We all saw the news not too long ago that Bill and Melinda Gates are getting a divorce – but what does that mean...
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is nonprofit founders syndrome affecting your nonprofit?
                    This week we're covering the dreaded nonprofit disease – nonprofit founders syndrome, aka founderitis. Nonprofit...
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As a 501c3, your nonproft network matters.
  All nonprofits, no matter their size or mission, need to think about fundraising. Nonprofit marketing is important! That means your nonprofit network is important....
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Nonprofits with voting members can come with people problems.
  Where there are people, there are people problems. And in a nonprofit with voting members, you've got a lot of people. So in this...
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990 filing season for nonprofits
  April showers bring… May tax returns. That doesn't quite have the same ring to it, huh? But it's true – we're coming up on 990...
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