So, you want to start a nonprofit?   
Nonprofit founders are some of the most passionate, driven, amazing people I’m privileged to meet with!


You’re the kind of people who can see a problem that hurts the community and, instead of feeling hopeless, you make a plan to fix it. You’re the kind of person who has the ideas and the passion to make the difference.

You’re my kind of people. ❤

I’ve got a few questions for you:

- What is your startup actually going to do?

- How are you going to make that happen (like in detail)?

- Does your idea work better as a nonprofit or a for-profit?

These are important questions every founder eventually has to answer. Sometimes the answers aren’t so easy. 

Why? Well, sometimes people get stuck. Or we get scared to jump in with both feet. Or we’re “too busy” with regular life stuff. Or we just stay in “someday” mode – “I’m gonna do this big thing…someday.”

Is there anything holding YOU back?

Are you feeling stuck? Do you have a big picture vision but don’t know exactly how to get started? Are you filling your days designing logos, or buying website domains and doing internet research…but not really starting?

*cue the curtain, bring up the lights*

Presenting…Founder’s Roadmap!

I created an online course for founders just like you. 

You’re excited, you’re optimistic! Don’t hold back. Let’s channel your passion into real work. Let’s take you from a hopeful with a dream to a serious, savvy founder, ready to hit the ground running.

Founder’s Roadmap is a course for everyone with a vision, everyone who’s ready to build something that’ll make a real difference.

I've designed Founder's Roadmap to light a fire under you and get you to take real action steps in each lesson. Every video, worksheet, and article will help you to build your idea into a real plan. By the end you will:

1. Find your board of directors and avoid the most dangerous founder mistakes

2. Discover how much money you need

3. Figure out exactly how the day-to-day operations should work

4. Understand the world of corporations and what's important in those documents

5. Decide if you should start a nonprofit or a for-profit business

These are things I usually walk my clients through personally because they aren't really ready to incorporate and get started with the work.

And I totally get why they’re not.

A lot of the things you need to do before you start a nonprofit aren’t exactly exciting. Sitting down to make a budget, making a detailed, real-world plan for your programming, finding board members…sometimes it can be a buzzkill. It can feel scary and hard.

 So, a lot of founders just rush into incorporating without thinking the important things through. They meet with me, and I end up walking them back to figure out all these important points.

Some founders really need the personal attention, which is totally fine. I’m happy to help, but it tends to be expensive. 

It can cost upwards of $1500 for an attorney to walk you through every step at the beginning.

But some founders? Some just need the motivation and the right information about how to get going.

So, now you can get just that—without the giant bill at the end.

For just $380, Founder’s Roadmap will guide you through the process of building a business plan, a solid foundation for the road ahead. And you’ll get started with all the insights I’ve gained over the years working with founders of all kinds.

It doesn’t matter if you wind up starting a nonprofit or a do-good for-profit. This course will get you started.

In Founder’s Roadmap, my goal is to help you get going on your mission the right way, the first time.

 In this short course, I'll teach you:

- When it makes sense to be a nonprofit (and when it doesn’t)

- What the board of directors is, and how to build a good one

- How to avoid the biggest mistakes that kill new businesses

- How to figure out the money you'll need

- Steps to get real about the programs or services you’ll offer

- How to finally understand the world of the IRS and corporate jargon

- To avoid getting ripped off by companies that want to take advantage of you

You’ll have all the information you need to get started, all in one place, from someone who really knows startups. You’ll get the expert opinion you need on your timeline.

Complete the lessons and by the end of the course, I guarantee that 30 days later you will have transformed what was once a 'big idea' into a tangible, real-life opportunity. 

In just a few hours of time your vision will become a real plan for the road ahead.

I've worked with many founders of small nonprofits and talked to many more who went on to form small businesses. Here's what founders have said about learning the ropes from me:

"Jess is able to educate her customers, which helps us make better decisions. Our nonprofit would not be where it is today if we didn't have the help of Jess."

"When it comes to learning about nonprofits, you want Jess Birken."

"Jess is honest and forthright, direct to the point and very knowledgeable"

"I found her integrity, knowledge, and communication skills to be by far superior than the others in this marketplace."

It's your big idea – you just need the right guidance. Every founder with an idea that does good for the world will benefit from this course. Whether you're starting a nonprofit or a for-profit, this course will help you move forward.

If you're my kind of person, you have an entrepreneurial spirit. Every entrepreneur needs a coach and a cheerleader to help us get off the bench and get into the game.

With Founder's Roadmap, I can be both - without the crazy legal fees. You'll learn from my expertise and sidestep the most common spots where people screw up. 

By the end of the course, you’ll be ready. Ready to move forward. Ready to make your vision a reality.

So, whether you aspire to start a food shelf or a neighborhood association, an animal shelter or a theater, I can help. 

Enroll in Founder’s Roadmap today.
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