Non-Profit Risk Management Lawyer

Nonprofits are like any other business – full of paperwork!

And, truth be told, things are actually more complicated for nonprofits. A nonprofit has more in common with a Fortune-500 company than a lemonade stand. With so many extra rules and regulations, sometimes it’s hard to know you’re on the right path.

You don’t have to take a shot in the dark. With my experience as a non-profit risk management lawyer, I can help make sure your organization is protected and sustainable so you can get down to work.

Minimizing Risk During an Experienced Nonprofit Session

Whether you have specific concerns in mind or you just want to improve your organization, I can get you the advice you need.

This is a paid consultation. It’s paid because this is real work and real value. During the Session we work together, and the full hour is work-time, not a sales pitch. Information is cheap – that’s what Google is for. The analysis and partnership with a trusted guide is what creates leverage for you.

What Do Past Clients Say?

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How We Work with Nonprofits

I work with nonprofits of all stripes and sizes. I love getting to know my clients and being a strategic partner with them. Anybody can produce a one-off document, or get less than expert opinions, but the best advice comes from a working relationship. When my team and I work with you our goals are:

✓ Create flexible solutions and win-win outcomes
✓ Keep deals moving forward
✓ Understand the programs and personalities
✓ Help you build a word-class nonprofit

We offer both transparent flat fee billing for one-time projects and innovative subscription legal services (learn more about that program here!). Let us help you with the paperwork and compliance so you can get back to the mission any minimize any potential risk.

 Contact us via our form to learn more!

Birken Law Office – Law firm serving nonprofits organizations, and foundations – Birken Law

Birken Law Office – Law firm serving nonprofits organizations, and foundations – Birken Law

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