116: We Don’t Need to Be Cops | Financial Fraud in Nonprofits

In this episode of Charity Therapy, we’re diving deep into nonprofit finances to help you safeguard your organization from fraud.

We’ll walk you through essential internal controls like segregation of duties, setting up a budget, and making sure transactions get a second set of eyes. Trust me, even if your team feels like family, these steps are crucial to keep everything above board.

We also share a real-life nail-biter involving a nonprofit treasurer who’s up to no good—think missing funds and some shady behavior. We’ll break down the best ways to handle this sticky situation, from potentially taking legal action to quietly resolving things to protect your nonprofit’s good name. We’re here to help you figure out when to take the high road and when to call in the big guns.

Throughout the episode, we sprinkle in a bit of humor and empathy because, let’s face it, dealing with financial fraud can be super stressful. We’ll remind you that you’re not alone and give you practical tips to prevent these issues from cropping up in the first place.

Grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and let’s tackle this together!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The nitty-gritty of nonprofit financial controls
  • Even if your team seems trustworthy, you still need those checks and balances!
  • Why it’s crucial to split up financial tasks among different people
  • The dangers of having one person in charge of everything
  • The magic of setting a budget and ensuring everyone’s on the same page about where the money’s going
  • The juicy details of a real case where a nonprofit treasurer is suspected of sneaking $1,500 into their own account
  • The tricky balance between going public and keeping things quiet
  • Practical advice on whether to call the cops or handle fraud cases quietly to protect your nonprofit’s reputation
  • The difference between minor slip-ups and massive fraud. 
  • How to deal with each situation and the importance of protecting your nonprofit’s assets
  • Key tips on internal financial controls, using budgets wisely, and focusing on what’s best for your organization

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