Hi, I’m Jess Birken.

I am the owner of Birken Law Office, I help nonprofits solve problems so they can quit worrying and get back to what matters most – The Work. I’m not like most attorneys, I actually have an outgoing personality, and – like you – I like to think outside the box. Most of my clients are passionate and have an entrepreneurial spirit. I’m like that too. My goal is to help you crush it when it comes to achieving your mission. Getting bogged down in the minutia sucks the joy out of the important work. My clients want to do the work – not the paperwork.

My Credentials

  • BA, Sociology, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (2001)
  • JD, Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Magna Cum Laude (2007)
  • MA, Nonprofit Management, Hamline University (2010)
  • Certified Transformative Mediator
  • Want more? Check out my LinkedIn profile.

My Biography

I am the former CEO & Managing Partner at Urban Birken PLLC, a boutique firm that specialized in serving the nonprofit community. I have worked with nonprofit organizations for most of my career.

Before becoming a private practice attorney, I spent four years inside a national nonprofit organization, Pheasants Forever.

I worked my way through law school and had the beginnings of a promising career in criminal law after graduation. However, I quickly realized that going to court is depressing! In court, the toothpaste is out of the tube and you’re just trying to clean up the mess. My colleagues reassured me I’d become callous and get used to the grim reality. But I thought that sounded like a terrible personal outcome and decided I needed to change course. I really missed the nonprofit sector.  As a result, I went back to grad school and earned a Masters in Nonprofit Management. I rejoined the nonprofit sector through my work with Pheasants Forever where my role was a marriage of attorney work and federal grant management and administration.

Since that time, I have run my own firms. I’m now the owner of Birken Law Office a firm designed to help nonprofits.

My Family

I have two daughters, who are the light of my life. (Well sometimes they can act like little scamps but mostly they are awesome!) We live outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, near their dad who is amazing and a great friend.

In my free time, I enjoy pretending to be a foodie, science fiction, films, dance music, running and spending time with great friends.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via e-mail or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

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