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A nonprofit podcast to educate and entertain growing nonprofits.

Because being a nonprofit is hard.

Even if we make it look easy.

Magic Wands & Shiny New Toys
 Talking about fundraising can be overwhelming and FULL of jargon – but not when Patrick Kirby does it! Today we’re joined by Patrick of...
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Let’s Keep This Private
The nonprofit world throws out that “501(c)(3)” moniker left and right – but what does that really mean? The IRS doesn’t always communicate in ways...
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Follow the Money
Just because your organization is striving to do good, that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from having to deal with trolls and scammers. There’s no scam...
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It’s Like an Onion
Executive committees – what should they really do anyway? Spoiler alert – not as much as you think! Some nonprofit boards have a nasty habit...
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TLDR: Y’all Need Protection!
You can’t (and shouldn’t!) envision every bad thing that might happen at a nonprofit. Nobody’s got time for that! But you do need to be...
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Periods of Baldness
 There’s this phrase “no man is an island.” Well, guess what – no nonprofit is an island, either. In this episode, we’re talking about...
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Making Ch-ch-ch-changes!
No one gets into nonprofit work because they LOVE all the paperwork, but that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from doing it (sorry!). There are some...
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Size Matters
 Nonprofits need to have a board - but how is that board supposed to make decisions? Today, we're getting into your board questions, all...
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Two Thumbs Down
Tis the season for… Giving Tuesday! The Tuesday after Thanksgiving, every nonprofit you’ve ever thought about will be contacting you about giving to their Giving...
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