Ernest Goes to the IRS!

Ernest Goes to the IRS!

Let’s be real – the IRS basically has its own language. I mean, even attorneys and CPAs find it confusing! Eve Borenstein, my hero and Queen of the 990, joins me on this episode to...
April Showers bring May 990s

April Showers bring May 990s

It’s April and we’re in the thick of another 990 filing season – meaning the IRS wants to know how you’re spending your funds! We’re reviving this episode to answer your burning questions about 990s....
990 filing season for nonprofits

990 Filing Season!

April showers bring… May tax returns. That doesn't quite have the same ring to it, huh? But it's true – we're coming up on 990 filing season for nonprofits! So while nonprofits rush to prepare their...
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How Do You Change Your Nonprofit Name With the IRS?

Recently I had a colleague who shared that her organization had decided to change its name for from Nonprofit ABC to Nonprofit XYZ. (more…)

THIS can hurt your chances at property tax exemption

In my home state of Minnesota, nonprofits can apply for property tax exemption if they use their real estate for mission delivery. Usually this is a faceless process, the nonprofit applies on paper and has...
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What If Somebody Asks to See Our 990s?

So, you get a strange phone call at the office – somebody wants back copies of the organization's 990s. Feels a little invasive doesn't it? Or like…. what do they want them for? Are we...
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6 Ways to Lose Your 501(c)(3) IRS Tax-Exempt Status (Without Really Trying)

It’s easy for a 501(c)(3) organization to maintain its IRS tax-exempt status – and can it be just as easy to lose it. the IRS recognizes private foundations, churches, educational institutions, hospitals, and many other types...

Birken Law Office – Law firm serving nonprofits organizations, and foundations – Birken Law

Birken Law Office – Law firm serving nonprofits organizations, and foundations – Birken Law

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