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A nonprofit podcast to educate and entertain growing nonprofits.

Because being a nonprofit is hard.

Even if we make it look easy.

Haunted by unfinished business at your nonprofit? Spooked about witchy board members? Listen to this nonprofit Q&A to entomb those fears.
  Here's a Halloween trick: we're going back in time ONE YEAR to our very first episode of Charity Therapy! Jordan Couch, lawyer from Tacoma...
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All of Us Are Stronger Than Any One of Us
  It's easy to find ways that new nonprofit founders can go wrong. But we don't often hear the stories of founders that do things...
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Nonprofit Q&A: Charity or Robbery?
  Lots of people assume that folks who work in nonprofits have good intentions. While that's true most of the time, there are people who...
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Help, My Boss Tried to Kiss Me!
  Join us for an episode with Kelly Rietow, HR Consultant at ROO Solutions, as we discuss people problems that nonprofits can face. What do...
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The Future of Donor Engagement
  How do you keep your donors engaged and invested in your mission? Matt Barnett of Bonjoro sat down with me to talk about the...
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Q&A: The Mystery of the Zombie Nonprofit
  Jess and Meghan are joined with Jason Viana, Executive Director of the Open Door, in answering another batch of nonprofit questions found on the...
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Founder Feature: Childhood Dream to a Nonprofit Reality
  How often do people’s childhood dreams become reality? Considering how few astronauts there are in the world, I’d say it’s pretty rare. But Therese...
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A Secret Cause of Your Nonprofit Diversity Problem
  If you're a nonprofit leader in 2020, you're probably taking another look at the org's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. It might be tempting...
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Q&A: The Case of the Copied Nonprofit
  Jess and Meghan are joined again by Jim Hall to answer another round of nonprofit questions taken from the hallowed halls of Reddit. Is...
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