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A nonprofit podcast to educate and entertain growing nonprofits.

Because being a nonprofit is hard.

Even if we make it look easy.

You’ve Got (Junk) Mail
We're pulling this episode out of our backlist for your holiday weekend listening! Jason Viana, Executive Director of the Open Door, joins us to answer...
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Warning: Rant Ahead!
All right, folks, we got a little bit snarky on this one… Today Meghan and I are tackling the toxic mentality in the nonprofit sector...
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nonprofit accountability
There are lots of differences between nonprofits and for-profits, and today we're talking about a BIG one – nonprofit accountability. If you own a small...
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Nonprofit board
  To a lot of folks on the nonprofit board, being accused of having a conflict of interest seems like the worst thing ever. But...
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Nonprofit staff
If you call a nonprofit staff member a 1099 contractor, does that make them a contractor? (Spoiler alert – not necessarily!) In this episode, I'm...
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Common problems faced by nonprofits
Common problems faced by nonprofits may not feel "common." In the nonprofit world, you see "501(c)(3)" all over the place. But what does that really...
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nonprofit employment law
When you run a nonprofit, it is crucial to have an understanding of nonprofit employment law. A nonprofit board member regularly makes flirty comments to...
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nonprofit arts organization
There's a large and thriving part of the nonprofit sector made up of nonprofit arts organizations – but not every arts organization can or should...
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